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1.The process of bumper mold making

Step 1:Drawing for your sample

Step 2: Design 3D drawing for part

After confirm the plastic mold project,and know the detail request from our customer.the designer from PRO-mold technical department will design the 3D drawing for plastic part. We design what customers want,so the communication with our customer for plastic peoduct design is very important.

Step 3: Moldflow for plastic mold

Moldflow has a molding window analysis that runs very quickly and can be used to evaluate many things including:>Optimum molding conditions
>Size of molding window > Plastic material selection > Pressure required to fill a part

> Gate locations in mould > Wall thickness

Step 4:3D design for plastic mold

Step5:Produce of mold

Mold steel and other mold component will be ordered from our supplier after the mold design is confirmed. Mold manufacturing will be ongoing step by step like rough milling,hole-drilling,quench,EDM,finish milling, assemble, etc.PRO mold has its own quality control system for every mold-making step.

Step6:Mold trail and adjustment

Mold will be test for the first time after the mold is ready assembled in our HAITIAN injection machines(We usually call it T1). Meantime our technician will do some mold adjustment during mold trial.We will send the samples from mold testing to our customer for check.with mold testing report and testing video.

Step 7: Final treatment and mold trial

We will improve the mold when we get feedback from our customer and test mold again.Before the last mold trial,we will chrome the mold which it’s to confirm the mold is good for production.

Step 8: Shipment

We will pack the mold with mold specification,mold testing video and spare parts in wooden case and then ship to you.

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